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Frank, from Newton Abbot:

"With the panels on the roof and fittings in the garage, it is easy for people to see what a neat job Torbay Eco Energies achieved. We can also see exactly how solar energy works."

"Torbay Eco Energies were very professional and efficient. Everything was done on time and I am very pleased with the result."

"Using solar energy is an important step towards an ecologically friendly planet. The potential power is immense and it is very straight-forward."

Sandie from Torquay:

"I began to listen to Tim & Lynne talking about the Business and realised how much it would benefit me and my family. I volunteered my property to have the companies 1st installation".

"I did this because I had money sitting in the bank that wasn't earning that much interest and I wanted to benefit from the 43.3p feed-in-tariff. I would get 3 monthly cheques from my electricity supplier, and when it is a bright day most of the electricity I would use would be FREE!"

"Being a busy mum that meant on with the washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher during daylight hours before I go to work".

"I had a 2 kWp system fitted and it took 2 days to install, the MCS assessor passed Torbay Eco Energies with flying colours he was so impressed with the installation he asked for photographs show others the quality of their work, what a compliment".

"From my point of view I know my electricity bills will now be minimal and I will earn at least £997 per year. My system will be paid for in a little over 5 years and then I will have 20 years profit, there really is no hidden catch".

Richard from Newton Abbot:

"From the beginning, the team at Torbay Eco Energies approached the installation at my property with complete professionalism and efficiency. The communication dialogue between us was excellent and all issues were resolved to my complete satisfaction. We however were met with the problem that the date of the 'FITS scheme' tariff reduction was faster approaching than any of us realised. On informing Torbay Eco Energies of this fact, they moved heaven and earth to meet this deadline of installation at my property. The system operates perfectly and no inconvenience was experienced during installation. I have been fully informed of all future possibilities that might arise with the system."

"I have no hesitation with recommending Torbay Eco Energies for an installation of a solar power system, their; no pressure, honest and friendly approaches really makes the process an easy one to experience."


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